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Photo TBoteroAltamontAsheville Area Arts Council, Fall 2014

Photo TBoteroAsheville Area Arts Council: Direct Details
February - March 2015Asheville Area Arts Council: Direct Details
February - March 2015Weizenblatt
Mars Hill UniversityBoldly Abstract
Upstairs ArtspaceBoldly Abstract
Upstairs ArtspaceArt House GalleryComposition 115AltamontUpstairs Artspace, December 2014Weizenblatt MHUAltamontAsheville Area Arts Council: Direct Details
February - March 2015Echoes of Abstraction
T.L. NorrisIan M Cage
Cage extends modernism toward intuitive construct and scalability as contemporary transitives to hyperchange.

His work has shown at regional art centers, universities, and galleries; such as the Asheville Area Arts Council, Black Mountain Center for the Arts, Weizenblatt, USC, UNCA, Elder, TL Norris, Upstairs Artspace, and Lee Hansley Galleries, while his work is collected by arts organizations in the South and Midwest, including the Witter and Weisman museums. He holds an honors degree in Information Systems, lives in Western North Carolina & thinks NYC.

Cage seeks reasoned intuition; the synthesis of patterned construct and distinct (intuitive) gesture to produce insight and power.